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(한국어) Basic Life Support (HCP)

Family Plus First Aid Course

BLS (HCP) 코스는 전문적인 심폐소생술, 자동 심장 충격기, BVM 사용법을 연습합니다.
주로 nursing staff, care aids, medical and dental professionals 이 수강하십니다.이 BLS (HCP) 코스는 provincial/territorial worker safety and insurance boards 의 규정을 준수하며 가장 최근의 first aid and CPR guidelines 를 따릅니다.

수업 시간: 4 시간 + 휴식시간

수업료: $70

유효 기간: 1년

More information on Basic Life Support (HCP)

What is Basic Life Support?
Basic Life Support (BLS) is the recognition of, and initial intervention or treatment given by pre-hospital or in-facility responders to, a patient suffering from cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest.
Is Red Cross Basic Life Support (BLS) a nationally recognized program?
Yes, the BLS certification is recognized across Canada.
Who is the BLS course designed for?
This course is designed for healthcare providers and trained first responders who provide care to patients in a wide variety of in-facility and pre-hospital settings or by those that require BLS certification and CPR training to enter into a healthcare-related training program.
Is BLS just a different name for CPR HCP (Health Care Provider), or are HCP and BLS completely different?
BLS is a new course that is vastly different from HCP, from the target audience to the curriculum and content. BLS is focused on high performance resuscitation and professional skills and does not provide prevention education and address other first aid components as was the case in our HCP curriculum.
Why is BLS only a one-year certification?
One year is the industry standard for BLS due to the high skill competency required. Resuscitation skills deteriorate over time and professional responders working in a team environment must know all positions and the skills within those positions. In a cardiac arrest event, any team member may be assigned to any role and must be competent to fulfill their duties.

(한국어) Basic Life Support (HCP)

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